Tip 1 – Will exercise help ?

In this clip I explain the essential part that exercise plays in lifting your mood, both day to day, and in the long term.

Tip 2 – Social connection

In this clip I explain why social connection is so fundamental to good mental health and wellbeing. As human beings we all have a basic need to feel safe and a sense of belonging in a group. But when we feel low in mood we have the urge to withdraw and isolate ourselves.

Tip 3 – Setting your intention

The key to sustainable change! When you want to maintain your recovery from depression or low mood, setting your intention every day is essential. In this video I explain why and how to do it.

Tip 4 – Pleasurable activity

In this video I give an important tip for lifting mood and recovering from depression. Spend time each day doing something just for pleasure. This does not include addictive behaviours that may be unhelpful in the long term. It means making a conscious choice to create feelings of joy. These small moments accumulate. When you are low, it is hard to experience pleasure or joy, but actively seeking out these emotions is key to getting them to return.

Tip 5 – Gratitude practice

What is gratitude practice? How does it help to lift your mood? And how do you start? In this video I will answer each of these questions so that you can start your own gratitude practice to help you lift your mood and recover from depression.

Tip 6 How important is sleep?

What happens to your sleep when you are depressed? How can you improve your sleep to lift mood and beat depression? Watch this video to find out.

Tip 7 What you eat

In this video is a quick summary of the importance of good diet when you are trying to lift your mood and beat depression. I also discuss the impact of caffeine and sugar on your mood.