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Pain x Resistance = Suffering

A statement I hear a lot is “I shouldn’t feel this way”. Do you ever experience a valid, human emotion and then tell yourself it is wrong? When you believe you shouldn’t feel something, you resist it. You squash the...

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What is self-compassion?

Self-compassion is a core skill for maintaining good mental health. So, what is self-compassion? Think for a moment about what makes a really great friend. Answers often include things like kindness, support, encouragement,...

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How to Change Your Mindset

If you read my last post you know that a growth mindset is important for recovery and self-development. So, how do you actually get yourself into a growth mindset? Here are some suggestions: 1. Make a habit of looking out for...

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Mindset Matters: Here’s How

Does mindset matter? Yes it does. Mindset acts as an internal template for making sense of problems and responding to them. Whatever the changes you are trying to make, taking time to get into the right mindset each day can make...

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Confidence is a Skill

Here are the 3 most common myths about confidence that I come across: Confidence is the absence of fearSome people are born confident, others are not that luckyI cannot create confidence, I must wait for it to come to me Here is...

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World Mental Health Day

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with a special tree sap dusted with powdered gold. The result is a one-of-a-kind ceramic. This restoration method does not try to hide the cracks. It celebrates the unique...

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The Mental Health Toolbox

I often get asked about my opinions on medication and whether it is a good idea. I am not against medication in general. In fact, throughout my career I have seen it save lives. It can enable those who are most unwell to...

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Why we self-sabotage

Self-sabotage is any action that gets in the way of our valued intention. It can be procrastination, avoidance, self-medication, lacking the effort required to fully excel. Many of the behaviours can be small and subtle. Not...

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Inspirational Quotes

What is your favourite inspirational quote? The one that resonates the most with you? The one that inspires you to keep going when life feels overwhelming? Let’s share our favourites. Returning to a powerful quote can be a great...

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Master today. Sleep. Repeat.

There is a time and a place for goal setting, planning and preparation. But the day to day business of healing and recovery demands that you focus on the here and now. When people come along to therapy, they describe the changes...

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Not coping? Read This

How to take control of a problem Feel like you are going round in circles? It might be because you are. In therapy many people discover that they are facing hard times using old coping strategies that no longer serve them. As a...

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Self-sabotage can sometimes be knowing what is best for you, and not doing it. Repeatedly. These can be small moments, like choosing the food that doesn’t nourish you. Or bigger decisions, like choosing relationships that hurt...

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