Anxiety can feel like an unwelcome guest that just won’t leave. But waiting for it to disappear before you start living the life that you want is a bad idea. Why? Because inaction and avoidance keeps anxiety going and actually makes it worse in the long term.

One thing that stops many people from acting in the face of fear, is the belief, “I cannot cope with fear. I have no control over it”. Learning how to hold emotion, experience it and return to baseline is one of the most precious life skills to learn. Once you no longer fear the fear, you are free to make life choices based on your values.

So, while there are lots of ways to reduce the intensity of anxiety, you must be willing to experience it. When you can’t stop fear, take it with you. That thing you want to do? Do it scared. Not just that, do it scared 20 times. Then check in with yourself and see if the intensity of that fear has reduced. The things you do the most become your comfort zone. This is why action is your superpower. What you do, changes how you feel.

If you have severe anxiety and panic attacks, then before you do this, seek professional support. Take some time to learn anxiety management skills that help to reduce the intensity of the emotion first. This will help to build your confidence that you can face your fears.