What is your favourite inspirational quote? The one that resonates the most with you? The one that inspires you to keep going when life feels overwhelming? Let’s share our favourites.

Returning to a powerful quote can be a great way to redirect your mindset when you catch yourself slipping off course.

Here is one of my recent favourites from Psychologist, Shawn Achor.

“I could care less if the glass is half full or half empty as long as I can fill it up” Shawn Achor

On social media I often see a real focus on whether thinking is positive or negative. This quote sums up my own position as a therapist. My job is not to turn a pessimist into an eternal optimist. My job is to gear them up with that pitcher. The pitcher represents the skills they need to feel confident when facing life’s challenges. When life gets tough, it’s only human to feel depleted. The challenge is remembering how to get back up. Showing people that they can, means they don’t need to fear the challenges that lie ahead.

So, as we head toward World Mental Health Day this week, share with our community your current favourite. You never know who may need to hear it today!