Do you eat McDonald’s every day? Probably not. Why? Because you care about your health, right? However good something may taste in the moment, you try to make healthy choices most of the time.

Well, your mind is just like your body. How good it feels depends on what you put into it. Most of us have social media on an intravenous drip. We check it all day long. On the bus, in the cafe, walking the dog, in a meeting, at the desk, on the loo. All of these moments add up. For you, do they add up to something wonderful?

How do you feel just after you look at your social media feed? Do you feel inspired, energized, connected and confident? Or do you become self-critical and discontent with your life?

Take a look at the various companies and individuals that you follow. If they can profit from making you feel too fat, too thin, not fashionable or not enough in any way, then you can bet that this will be the aim of their well-crafted content. They don’t care about your health and happiness. They care about making sales. Don’t stand for it. If you are looking to feel happier in your day to day life, do yourself a favour and have a social media detox. You don’t have to stop all together, just unfollow everyone who leaves you feeling discontent. Eat clean where your social media is concerned and your mind will thank you for it.