Looking for more tools to help you manage anxiety? Why not check out this video and try this easy, but effective skill. As a result, you could take back control of the parts of your life that anxiety seems to destroy.

Fear is your survival response. That is to say, you sense a threat and the rush of fear gives you the urge to do whatever is necessary to survive. In short, it tells you to freeze, escape and avoid.

The more you experience anxiety, the more you make decisions about your life based on fear. But freeze, escape and avoid are not good choices when you are chasing after dreams, building a career, meeting new friends and looking for a relationship. So you need to stop and check. Ask yourself, is this decision based on my anxiety or my values? For instance, when I decline an invitation to socialise with friends, is this decision based on fear or what is important to me?

This is a simple skill you can use anytime, anywhere, to check in with yourself. It’s a great daily task to ensure that you are living in line with your values. Check out the video for more details. Have a go right now and share your thoughts with me in the comments. I would love to hear what you think.