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What is self-compassion?

Self-compassion is a core skill for maintaining good mental health. So, what is self-compassion? Think for a moment about what makes a really great friend. Answers often include things like kindness, support, encouragement,...

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Master today. Sleep. Repeat.

There is a time and a place for goal setting, planning and preparation. But the day to day business of healing and recovery demands that you focus on the here and now. When people come along to therapy, they describe the changes...

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Not coping? Read This

How to take control of a problem Feel like you are going round in circles? It might be because you are. In therapy many people discover that they are facing hard times using old coping strategies that no longer serve them. As a...

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What is Self-Soothing?

Self-soothing is a skill used to manage overwhelming emotion. It’s the skill of committing to treating ourselves with kindness and compassion when we are in the midst of struggle. It is choosing behaviours that will help to...

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Self Reflection Time

Sitting with emotion is something a lot of people struggle with. Just allowing it to wash over you naturally, without turning to something that will smother it, numb it or block it out. Some use TV, gaming, alcohol or smoking....

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