I often get asked about my opinions on medication and whether it is a good idea. I am not against medication in general. In fact, throughout my career I have seen it save lives. It can enable those who are most unwell to function and engage in the important and difficult work of therapy.

However, I believe strongly that medication should not be the only tool available. To me, it is the equivalent to having a toolbox that contains only screws. You cannot complete the job with that alone.

There is no silver bullet for maintaining good mental health. Coming at it from all angles greatly improves the chances of success. If you wanted to improve your physical health you could make changes to diet, exercise, routine, living and working conditions, stress levels. The list goes on. Psychological wellbeing is much the same.

Making decisions about medication can be difficult and so talking it through with a trusted family member, your physician and therapist can be really helpful.