It matters more than you know. Imagine living with a bully all day, every day for a whole year. You would come out of that feeling pretty awful right? Lacking confidence, anxious, low in mood, the list goes on. You would not be in your best place. When our inner dialogue, sounds more like a bully than a best friend, the impact is the same. We live with that voice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More posts coming on how to change that inner self-talk but the most important starting point is becoming aware of it as it happens.

Watch your thoughts today. Notice how they sound. Don’t try to change it yet. Just watch how you@talk to yourself in your head. When you do something well, when you make a mistake, when you complete a goal, when you fall. Does that voice sound like a compassionate, honest, supportive and encouraging best friend? Or more like a hyper-critical, verbally abusive bully?