People are gradually becoming less afraid to speak about the unspeakable. And yet, while I feel so passionately that this is an essential move in the right direction, something is missing. Building awareness of a problem is the foundation of change. Without it, no change will happen. But knowledge is not power. APPLIED knowledge is power. What I don’t see enough of online, is guidance for us all on how we can help the situation.

Most people feel helpless to influence such a huge problem. We can sometimes forget that small individual changes can have a ripple effect and transform our culture. I want to help us all feel empowered to be an effective force for good. On the final page of this post there are a few simple ideas for how we can help others through struggle, even if we don’t know they are struggling.

My upcoming posts will go into more detail about how to support someone with emotional struggle. What are your own thoughts? What has been the best support you ever received from someone else? What made it so helpful? Share with our community. You never know who you might help.